Online classes, stagnant placements: students and parents adapt in the time of coronavirus

The coronavirus hit the country right before students were about to finish writing their board examinations. The pandemic did not just halt examinations, but the future of many students, who will now be appearing for the same in July. With the nation under a lockdown, parents, students, teachers, and school authorities had no option but to turn to online education. For almost two months now, education has been taken over by Zoom classes, government-provided online classes, and edtech startups.

Pandemic Heroes: This 12-year-old Hyderabad girl has supplied over 2,000 ration kits to the needy

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every segment of society in some way or the other. While there are many individuals and organisations coming forward to help the needy, here is an initiative spearheaded by a sixth grader from Hyderabad. After witnessing the plight of the underprivileged people around her, 12-year-old Ridhi, a student of International School of Hyderabad, decided to raise money to help them with basic supplies under Project Care-ona. Project Care-ona was started when the n

From food kits to relief teams, this organisation is serving the vulnerable in times of coronavirus

India has been under lockdown for well over a month. However, despite the aim of the lockdown being to control the spread of coronavirus, the number of coronavirus positive cases is on the rise. The increase in number of cases has left the whole country battling a shortage of medical resources. From health workers and protective personal equipment to isolation wards, the dearth in necessary facilities and services is there for all to see. Among many individuals and organisations that have come

Solving India’s mental health issues during COVID-19: these 5 startups show the way

When it comes to the prevalence of mental health issues in Indian society, there are many things linked to it that make it slightly more difficult for it to be addressed. One is the intangibility of such issues, and another is the stigma associated with it. For long, identifying a mental illness in one’s self was popularly synonymous to being weak or "taking things too seriously." In fact, even today, the idea of seeing a psychiatrist or therapist is far-fetched and only serves as a last resort

This Delhi-based NGO aims to prevent child sexual abuse in India with The Rakshin Project

Childhood plays a very important role in all our lives. Circumstances, events, and experiences that manifest in most people’s early and teenage years shape them into the people that they become eventually. And, abuse of any kind — verbal, physical, mental, or sexual — leaves behind deep wounds which can lead to traumatic mental health concerns. In a country like India, one out of two children experiences some form of sexual abuse before the age of 18, mostly by a family member, or someone close

These 4 healthtech startups are helping with their solutions to fight coronavirus

The world we have seen in the past two months hasn’t been one that we have been familiar with. The coronavirus pandemic has brought many lives to a halt and slowed the pace of the loop-like hustle that everybody was caught in. And many individuals, collectives, and organisations are doing their bit to contribute towards public comfort in these unprecedented times. SocialStory brings to you four Indian healthtech startups supported by Social Alpha that have come forward to help the society in th

This Navi Mumbai startup provides free wheelchair services to people with disabilities

Ravindra Singh was diagnosed with post-polio paralysis when he was just eight months old. He and his family dealt with the personal and societal struggle that comes along with being a person with disabilities. Recounting a pivotal moment in his life, he adds, "I was on a tour to the Statue of Unity and the available wheelchair had been reserved for VIP use. There was no assistance either. That gave me the idea to start an on-demand assistance service." This led Ravindra to bring accessibility,

With rising cases of coronavirus in India, Caring Indians is helping out in providing resources to healthcare

With the novel coronavirus causing irreparable crises in countries like China, the USA, France, Italy, and the UK, which have one of the best healthcare facilities in the world, it becomes imperative for the second-largest populated country in the world to be prepared in terms of resources and facilities to survive this pandemic. As per Worldometer, a real-time population tracker, as of Wednesday, India has witnessed 5,480 positive cases with 164 deaths and 468 recovered cases. And the number k

From Delhi to Pune, how Indian cities are going green by adopting electric buses

Climate change, sustainability, and pollution are some of the key buzzwords of today. A 2018 WHO report concludes that 93 percent of all children in the world breathe air with pollution levels that exceed their guidelines. These pollutants majorly originate from heavy-duty vehicles, like bulldozers, buses, and trucks. According to an Indian study by the Health Effects Institute in 2015, “air pollution contributed to nearly 1.1 million deaths in 2015, with the burden falling disproportionately

Meet the man who is on a mission to save Bengaluru's Bannerghatta National Park

Ever since the Karnataka state government issued a draft notification to trim down the Eco-Sensitive Zone (ESZ) around Bannerghatta National Park (BNP) in Bengaluru, activists, NGOs, and environmentalists have been raising strong objections. On November 5, 2018, a new draft notification declared that the ESZ will be reduced to 168.84 sq km, whereas in 2016, the draft notification declared that the zone was spread across 268.96 sq km. Having studied agriculture from University of Agricultural S

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